In situ 3D liner measurements

on pre-heated engines in port

Advanced laser and sensor technology combined with a to-the-point reporting
12.000+ Datasets turned into 3D + combined with liner and cyl. cover pictures
Completed with piston ring pictures and ring data.

This is the unique TENARO liner service.

Full Sweep

3D wear sweep

Our systems scan the liner surface in a constant sweep from BDC to TDC - in unmatched detail.

Full Sweep

3D thermal sweep

Our systems map the thermal distribution from BDC to TDC of the preheated engine.

Full Sweep

3D SEEs more

Seeing the liner in 3D reveals much more detail and understanding of the liner's wear pattern.


What is quick ?

We can measure one liner in 5 to 15 minutes. When taking preparation and clean-up into consideration, we complete an 8-liner engine in 5 hrs.


In-situ means ?

Keep the engine fully pre-heated. Open access hatche scavenge air space or underpiston hatches.
That's it !
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What detail ?

Resolution of our system is up to 6µm, calibration +/- 0.03mm
objective measurement
without human interference

Ring Picture 1
Hi-res ring pictures

See the full detail!
Understand the true condition.
Sample: Worn relief groove

Liner Picture

Detailed liner pictures

40+ pics per liner for safe operation!

Lube oil groove: Intact grooves
Cyl. cover: Cracked Cylinder Cover

Ring Clearance
Ring Coating and Clearance

Ring coating and clearance provide together with pictures a very good ring condition review.



Each liner generates over 12.000 datapoints - we crunch them into ONE report - solid graphs, simple tables and traffic light system.
Easy to read.

Full Sweep


We compare two data sets, review the trend and generate tables and graphs to make you see what is really happening.



Cost per liner start at 320 EUR - including reporting and travelling. We are effective and precise -
just ask for a quotation.


Five years ago we could not have done at all what we're doing now on a daily basis.
The systems we proudly use are comprise of latest sensor and advanced laser technology, compact
and ultra-robust parts and 3D-printing for housing and core components.
Combined with our vast field experience of TENARO and unique post processing work, we push the limits of liner knowledge.